Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Aloo ki Kachori


For Dough:
Plain Flour/ Maida                               -1 Cup
Clarifying Butter/ Melted Ghee           -2 Tbspoon
Carom seeds/ Ajwain                           -1/2 Tspoon
Water                                                    -to knead the Dough
Salt                                                       -1/2 Tspoon

For Stuffing:
Potatoes                                                 -2 Medium Sized, Boiled and Mashed
Amchoor/ Raw Mango Powder             -1 Tspoon
Turmeric powder                                   -1/2 Tspoon
Coriander Powder                                  -1/2 Tspoon
Red chili Powder                                   -1/2 Tspoon
Garam masala                                        -1/2 Tspoon
Salt                                                         -to Taste
Fresh Coriander                                      -2 Tbspoon Chopped


Preparing Filling:
Heat the ghee in pan. Add boiled and mashed potatoes and spices together. Mix well and remove from the fire. Keep aside to cool.

Preparing Dough:
Combine all ingredients Maida, Ghee, Ajwain, and salt in a bowl and make stiff dough like puri dough. Knead till it's smooth and doesn't break while rolling. Cover it with wet cloth and set aside for an hour.

Making Kachoris:
Divide the dough into equal 6 portions and roll each one with the help of rolling pin for about 1 inch.
Now place one tbspoon of filling in centre of wrap and pinch the edges of rolled dough.
Now roll it again into a ball and press them very gently to flatten it. You can make the kachori with your palm or roll it with rolling pin.
When rolling with rolling pin remember to be gentle and place the pinched side up.
Heat the vegetable oil in the Karahi on high flame, when oil is hot enough, turn the heat to slow.
Now put a kachori in Karahi and deep fry it. Flip both sides slowly until the colour is golden. Do it on slow flame for more crispiness.
Serve the hot kachori with Chutney, Aloo ki sabzi or sweet tangy sauce.

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