Monday, 6 October 2014


Sweet Corn / Makai Pulao


Basmati rice         -2 cups
Sweet Corn, Frozen -1 cup
Mint leaves         -5
Coriander leaves -2 tblsp
Salt                          -To taste
Garlic                 -2 cloves
Ginger                 -1/2 tspoon very finely chopped or grated
Black Pepper            -4 whole
Cinnamon         -1 small stick
Cloves                 -2
Bay leave                 -1
Black Cardamom     -1
Mace                        -very small piece
Star Anise               -very small piece
Turmeric                 -1/2 tspoon
Coriander powder   -1/2 tspoon
Oil/ghee                 -2 tblsp
Water                 -2 cups


I always use frozen corn to cook corn pulao.
If you prefer to use the fresh sweet corn, first separate the kernels. Wash and keep aside. Wash and soak the rice for at least 15-20 mins.
Heat a heavy bottom vessel with oil into it. Now add bay leaves, black peppers, cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom, mace, star anise. Stir them for 2-3 minutes, when they start to leave their aroma, add ginger and garlic fry for 2 minutes in medium flame and let the raw smell go away.Now add Turmeric and coriander powder, mix well.
Add the corn kernels and fry for another 3-4 minutes in medium flame. Add little salt for the corn.
Now add salt, mint leaves, coriander leaves and rice. When it starts boiling, check for salt and reduce the flame to lowest possible and cook for 12-15 minutes and switch the flame off. Now cover it and keep off from the heated burner to avoid over cooking.
You corn pulao is ready. My Kids love to eat it as they love sweet corn. You can serve it with any Sabzi, just Yogurt or Raita.

Note: If you do not prefer basmati rice, you can use your regular grain rice, only adjust the quantity of water to cook the rice.
If you are using pressure cooker, just go until one whistle and switch off the flame.

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