Friday, 17 October 2014


Rice & Roasted Gram's Snack


Rice flour                    -1 cup (I used store bought rice flour)
Roasted Chana powder   -1/4 cup
Ajwain                              -1 tsp
Asafoetida                    -a generous pinch
Oil                                    -1 tblspoon
Salt                                    -To your taste
Chili Powder                      -To your taste (Optional)


Powder the roasted chana in a grinder and sieve it.

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix well.  Add water gradually and carefully to make a smooth dough.

Now Heat enough oil in a kadai to deep fry these Sev/Chakri/Murukku.
I make them with the Sev machine, which my mum lovingly bought for me.

I used the 3 hole/1 hole plate for this, you can use the star shaped ones as well.
Fill the machine 3/4th with the dough and squeeze it either directly over the hot oil or over a greased ladle and then carefully flip in the oil.
I made them first on ladle and then placed them in Karahi, as I'm not good with the hot oil. It also keeps the shape better.

Make sure oil is hot enough, to check drop a small piece of dough, it should come up immediately. If the oil is not hot enough these chakri will soak a lot of oil and will be very oily.
I fried 2 at a time. Cook both sides until golden in colour in medium flame. sizzling sound should stop and bubbles should be reduced.

After placing Chakri in oil flame should be turned to medium to ensure even cooking.
While flipping the Chakri in the oil be careful not to spill oil onto yourself.
Drain in paper towel and cool down before transferring to the airtight container.

Your Sev/Chakari/Murukku are ready to serve with Tea or Coffee. They proved to be good for gifting someone with Diwali sweets as well. Pack them in a cute looking box and gift them to your loved ones.

If, while pressing the dough, it breaks , pls sprinkle some water and smooth out the dough.
Check on the flame all the time as by the end of cooking, last batch can be turned dark brown as the oil will be very hot.

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