Thursday, 12 March 2015


Aloo Paratha


Potatoes                                                  - 1 cup boiled, mashed
Green chillies                                         - 2, chopped finely
Fresh Coriander                                     - 2 tblspoon chopped finely
Garam masala                                        - 1/4 tspoon
Amchur powder                                     - 1 tspoon
Cumin powder                                       - 1/2 tspoon
Whole wheat flour                                 - 2 cups
Oil                                                          - 2 tblspoon+to fry parathas
Salt                                                         - to taste for both stuffing and paratha
Water                                                     - as required to knead the dough


Making Dough & Stuffing:

Boil and mashed the potatoes.
Add green chilies, coriander, amchoor, garam masala, cumin powder and salt to the mashed potatoes.
Mix it all very well and keep it aside. Make equal size 6-8 balls out of this mixture.
Now make the dough for paratha.
Take the whole wheat flour in a mixing bowl, add 2 tblspoon oil and salt. Start kneading the dough with little water at a time to make smooth pliable dough.
Cover the dough and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.

Assembling the paratha:

Knead the dough again to smooth it out and divide it into 6-8 equal portions. Make smooth ball and flatten it out.
Take one flatten dough ball, roll into 2-3 inch diameter circle.
Put the stuffing ball inside and seal it by pinching the edges together into the centre.
Flatten it again using your palms and roll into 5-6 inch diameter circle.
Dust the dry flour to make the rolling easy.
Heat the tawa/griddle to fry the paratha.
Fry the paratha on hot tawa/griddle, flip it few times for even frying of Paratha.
Repeat the same process for all the Paratha.

Serve the Paratha with Yogurt Dip and Lahsun Chutney.

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