Sunday, 22 March 2015


Khajur And Munakka Chutney


Big Raisins/Munakka                        -  ½ cup soaked and deseeded
Black Raisins                                     -  ¼ cup soaked
Dates                                                  -  ¼ cup deseeded
Jaggery                                               -  ½ cup in chunks
Fennel Seeds                                      -  1 tspoon
Lemon Juice/Citric Acid                    -  ½ tspoon
Water                                                  -  ½ cup


Soak raisins and dates overnight.
Deseed them before making the chutney.
Now in a chutney jar, blend the fennel, deseeded dates, black raisin and munakka into a smooth paste.
Now heat ½ cup water in a pan, add jaggery into it.
Once jiggery is melted add the dates and raisin paste into it.
Now let it boil for say 5-7 minutes.
In around 5 minutes the chutney will start to get thick.
At this point switch off the flame.
Let it cool down and add lemon juice.

Chutney is ready to get served with your choice of snack. It’s best option for people fasting on Navratra.

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