Sunday, 23 November 2014


Mung Daal Palak Kachori


Atta / Wheat Flour               - 2 cup
Mung Daal / Mung lentils    - 1 cup soaked and made paste
Palak/Spinach                       - 1/2 cup
Salt                                        - to taste
Ajwain                                  - 1 tspoon
Heeng                                   - 1 tspoon
Green chili paste                   - 1 tspoon
Ginger paste                         - 1 tspoon
Oil                                        - 1 tblspoon + to fry


Mix everything in a deep bowl with 1 tblspoon of oil.
Now mix well and add some water to make the stiff dough, keep the dough aside for 5 minutes.
Heat the oil in deep heavy karahi to fry the Kachoris.
divide the dough into 12-15 equal size balls.
Now roll the kachoris of 2 inch diameter.
Fry the Kachoris untill they are golden from both sides.
Kachoris are ready to serve with different chutneys.

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