Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Peanut Jaggery Laddoos


Peanuts               - 2 cups deskined, split and Roasted
grated Jaggery    - 1 1/2 cups
Ghee                   - 1/2 tspoon for greasing the tray and hand


Roast the peanuts in a heavy bottomed pan.
When they start to crackle and get a bit golden put the heat off.
I used the deskinned and split peanuts, if your are using whole peanuts with skin. After roasting them you need to let them cool down a bit and then rub them in between your pal to deskin them and split them.
Now take jaggery in a heavy bottomed pan/kadai and stir it gently on a low flame without adding any water.
Slowly it will start to melt and become like a syrup.
Keep stirring it on low flame until its bubbly and start to form a layer over itself.
Now we have both peanuts and jaggery syrup. Its time to assemble it as Chikki or Laddoos.
Now in the jaggery syrup add the peanuts and start to mix it gently.
In a minute or two all the peanuts will be mixed into jaggery.

Making Laddoo:
If you are making Laddoos grease your palm, pick a small portion and roll it like laddoos.
With making Laddoos you need to be quick with the mixture and make the laddos while it's hot.
As the mixture ill start to cool it will be difficult to shape laddos as it ill start to become hard.
Once all laddoos are made, let them cool down and after it store in a air-tight jar.

Making Chikki:
If you are making Chikki, pour the mixture onto a greased tray and use the spatula to spread it evenly.
If it is very difficult to spread out with spatula use the rolling pin to roll it.
While the mixture is warm, run through the sharp knife to cut the shapes and size you want.
Let it come to room temperature and remove the pieces from tray and store in an air-tight jar.

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