Thursday, 30 April 2015


Rasgulla / Roshogulla / Chena


Milk                                      - 4 cups whole/semi skimmed
Lemon Juice                         - 2 tblspoon
Saffron                                 - 4-5 strands
Cardamom Powder              - 1 tspoon
Sugar                                    - 2 cups
Water                                    - 4 cups


Bring the milk to boil, try to use heavy bottomed pan.
Add the lemon juice once milk starts to boil, keep stirring to mix it well.
Gradually all the milk-mass will be gathered separating the whey.
Strain the water through a colander. I used the tea-towel over the colander and drain the water.
Wash it well with plain water to rinse the lemon from the Chena / milk mass.
Knot the muslin/cheese/teat towel to get rid of all the water from the Chena.
You can hang it to let that drip or press with a heavy thing to squeeze it.
I left it hanging for about 5 hours like I do with yogurt to make hung curd.
Now is the time to knead to Chena, I knead it for around 8 minutes .
I sprinkle half tspoon of cardamom powder on Chena while kneading to give it a flavor.
Remember to knead it with your palm not fingers or fist like we do with chapati dough.
Once it's kneaded well it will come togather like soft ball and starts to leave grease on your palms.
Make small balls out of the kneaded Chena.
I made 12 balls out of half cup of chena.
Make syrup with 2 cups of sugar and 5 cups of water, sprinkle rest of 1/2 tspoon cardamom powder.
Use a big pot to make the sugar syrup, as we will be boiling the Chena Balls into it.
Let the syrup comes to boil.  When it's rolling boil, add the Chena balls into it.
Cook them covered for 12-15 minutes. Cover with glass lid to keep an eye on them.
Once they are boiled they will come to surface and fluff-up.
To check their doneness, drop one Rasgulla into a glass of plain water, if it sink in the water it's done.#
If it's not done, boil it again for few more minutes and check again.
Chill the Rasgullas for few hours in the fridge before eating.
You can add saffron and pistachio flakes for garnish.
My family love eating rasgullas and I'm glad I tried them.

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