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Maida/ all purpose flour/ plain flour         -1 cup
Milk                                                                  -1/2 cup (plus as needed)
Curd                                                          -2 tblsp
Baking powder                                          -1/4 tsp
Cooking soda                                                  -1/4 tsp
Sugar                                                          -1 tsp
Salt                                                                  -1/2 tsp (or as needed)
Coriander leaves                                          -As required (Fresh finely chopped or dried)
Mint leaves                                                      -As required (Fresh finely chopped or dried)
Green Chilies                                                   -1 (Fresh finely chopped)
Onion                                                               -2 tbspoon (Fresh finely chopped or dry fried onion)
Oil                                                                  -As required
Butter                                                          -As required


Mix flour, baking powder, baking soda and sieve it for even mixing.
In a mixing bowl, put the flour and make a dent in the middle.
Now add sugar, salt, curd and milk.
Mix together to make a dough and knead for a minute. Keep aside covered properly to rest for an hour.
After an hour knead it well again to make the dough smooth.
Divide into 4 equal balls. Roll with generous dusting over the Kitchen countertop or rolling plate.
When its half rolled, add few drops of oil and spread it.
Again roll to a thin kulcha. Adding oil at the bottom makes it easy to spread without shrinking.
Do not worry about the shape. Take the rolled kulcha in ur hand and sprinkle chopped coriander leaves.
Again keep the kulcha on chopped leaves and roll gently over to make sure the coriander sticks to it very well.
Heat a tawa/skittle and now spread little water on the top of rolled kulcha. Take the kulcha carefully and put it over the hot tawa in such a way that the water brushed side is down first. Cook it covered in medium flame.
When you open the cover from Tawa and you see bubbles on the top side of Kulcha, flip it on the tawa itself and cook .
Now apply some oil on the brown side of Kulcha. You can either cook it by flipping it on Tawa or put it over direct flame with seasoned side down. Wait till brown spot appears. remove it from the heat and brush it with butter.
Now let the Kulcha cool down on a wire rack or basket to avoid the soggy bottom of Kulcha.
Now repeat the same steps with other toppings like chilli, onion and mint.
Kulchas are ready and you can serve them with Chole, Chutney or any north Indian curry.

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