Thursday, 18 September 2014


Sweet Boondi


Gram flour 1-1/2 cup
Rice flour 1/4 cup
Cooking soda(sodium bi carbonate) 1 small pinch
Sugar 1-1/2 cup to 2 cups(adjust as per taste)
Rose essence(optional) 3 drops
Cardamom 2, powdered
Food colours(optional) orange and green


First make sugar syrup ready. In a broad vessel, boil sugar with water just to immerse it. Boil until 2 string consistency. Mix the rose essence and cardamom powder. If you swipe the back of ladle and check between your thumb and forefinger, there will be two strings forming in-between the fingers. Or you can keep a small bowl of water and pour a little syrup in it, it will not dissolve and you can move the syrup and gather it. Switch off the stove.

In a mixing bow, mix both flours, cooking soda with water to a thick batter. Like onion bhajji batter. I divided the batter in 3 bowls for each selected colour. Mix orange food colour and green food colour to the reserved batter.

Heat oil and use a big slotted spoon to make boondis. You will be needing two big ladles with holes. One for making boondi and one for draining from oil. Use another deep ladle to spoon the batter. Pour one ladle of batter over the ladle with hole holding it just above the oil and spread it. Wipe the ladle after each pouring.

Fry with constant turning to ensure even cooking and drain once the bubbles ceases, no need to wait until it gets very crispy. Just make sure its cooked. Drain in paper towel. Repeat to finish the batter. Make boondis in the same way as above. Finish both orange and green similarly and drain in the paper towel.

After finishing, just give a heat(no need to boil) to the syrup we prepared and switch off the flame. Put the prepared colourful boondis to the sugar syrup. Keep mixing. As it cools down, the sugar syrup will be absorbed by boondi and starts crystallizing and becomes dry.

Store in airtight container.

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