Thursday, 19 January 2017


Wholewheat Buns Stuffed With Leftover Bhaji


For the Dough:
Chapati/Whole Wheat Flour                     1 - 1/2 cups
Milk                                                           1/4 cup
water                                                          1/4 cup (add 1-2 tblspoon if more needed)
Active dry yeast                                         3/4 tblsp
sugar                                                          1 tblsp
Salt                                                             3/4 tsp
Olive oil                                                     3 tblsp

For stuffing:
Leftover Bhaji of Pav Bhaji


Warm the milk,add sugar to it and mix well. Add the yeast to it and mix well. Keep aside.
Take flour and make a dent,add water,olive oil,salt in it and the yeast completely dissolved in the milk.
Mix and make a smooth dough,keep in a warm place covered with a cling wrap for an hour.
Meanwhile to prepare the stuffing, you do not need to do much efforts just dry out the water from bhaji and make it a bit of the paratha style stuffing. Keep it aside to cool down.
By now/after an hour, the dough we prepared would have doubled in size. Take it again and just give it a gentle knead and make 8 equal sized balls.
Take each bun and make a dent in the middle.
put the dried bhaji stuffing inside and pinch all the end towards centre to cover the stuffing, Just like we do while making Kachori.
Roll into smooth bun. Repeat for every bun. Arrange them in the lined baking tray. Keep the pinched joined side down.
Brush them well with olive oil and sprinkle your choice of seasoning on top.

Preheat the oven for 190°C. When the preheat is finished,by the time the buns will again rise a bit.
Bake for 17- 20 mins or until the top crust turns golden brown in colour. (Mine took exactly 20 mins) Smells heavenly!!

After finished baking,brush them with butter or oil and enjoy with tea/evening snack!
This would also be a great snack for kids after they come back from school!
One more close look at the texture :) Enjoy until next time :)

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