Friday 5 June 2015


Red Lentil, Quinoa and Oats Kebabs

Oats can be called a doctor  food , since it fights against conditions ranging from high blood pressure and cholesterol to diabetes and even cancer.

Lentils have been a staple in the human diet since ancient times. A member of the same legume family that includes peas and dried beans, lentils cook quickly and are an inexpensive, low-fat source of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Red lentils, which are hulled, halved brown lentils, become extremely soft when cooked and are commonly used in curry, soups or the traditional Indian dishes.A 1-cup serving of cooked red lentils contains 6.6 milligrams of iron. Red lentils are an outstanding source of B vitamins, including vitamin B-6, thiamin and pantothenic acid.

Quinoa is a healthy whole grain and cooks up in just 20 minutes or because it has a lovely nutty taste and delicate popping texture. Quinoa grows in a rainbow of colors, but the most commonly available are red quinoa, black quinoa and white quinoa. Taste and nutrition are similar among the colors. White quinoa tends to cook up fluffier, while red quinoa and black quinoa have a crunchier texture and the grains don’t stick together as much.

Quinoa is nutritionally renowned for its protein content and while it does have a decent amount, it’s not actually the amount of protein that’s so impressive. Instead it’s the type of protein. Quinoa has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids essential for human nutrition. This type of complete protein is rarely found in plant foods, though common in meats.

Well when you already know these many facts of Oats, Quinoa and lentils, why not combine them and make something rather healthy. I decided to make some kebabs for morning breakfast with these 3 along with nuts, seeds, spices and seasonings. Here's presenting "Red Lentil, Quinoa and Oats Kebabs". We loved them and finish them in a jiffy. Try them in your kitchen and i'm sure your family will love them too. Don't forget to comment below and tell me how they turn out for you. Until next time.......Happy Cooking Friends, Saumya


Red Lentil / Masoor Dal           - 4 tblspoon soaked and cooked
Quinoa                                      - 4  tblspoon soaked and cooked
Oats Powder                              - 6 tblspoon
Salt                                            - to taste
Red chili                                    - to taste / 1/2 tspoon
Garam Masala                           - 1/4 tspoon
Chat Masala                              - 1/2 tspoon
Sesame Seeds                            - 1 tblspoon
Ground Nuts                              - 1 tblspoon (Cashew, Almond and Pistachio)
Raisin and CashewNuts            - 10-14 / 4 split in 2
Oil                                             - 2 tblspoon for shallow fry
Water                                         - 1/2 cup
Fresh Coriander                        - 1 tblspoon finely chopped


Wash soak and boil red lentil and quinoa in a pressure cooker for 3 whistle. Use only 1/2 cup water to boil them.
Mix Red Lentil, Quinoa, Salt, Ground Nuts, Sesame seeds, Oats Powder, Red Chili, Garam Masala, Chat masala and Coriander together and make a dough.

Now divide the dough into 7-8 equal pieces.
Roll one portion and pat it flat, place 3-4 raisin in between and pinch the sides to cover them completely.

Roll it again and pat it flat with your fingers.
Put a split Cashewnut on the Kebab.

Shallow fry them in a heavy pan, to avoid sticking in the pan.
Fry them until golden from both sides.

Serve the Kebabs with choice of dipping and drinks.
We had them in the breakfast this morning and to accompany these Kebabs, we had Chili Bread, Assorted Juices, Cake Diamonds and Oats fingers.


  1. These look beautiful and so easy to make ! Love the flavors!

    1. Thank you Lyubomira L :) Glad you liked the recipe :)

  2. its healthy and very tempting kebabs:)beautiful presentation

    1. Thank U Khushi :) I'm glad you liked the recipe :)

  3. How many servings does this recipe make?

    Does it really require only 4 tablespoons each of "cooked and soaked" lentils and quinoa?

    1. Hello Madasa Hatter, I only made 8 of these Kebabs for breakfast, so used little quantity. You can double the recipe and make 16-20 Kebabs depending on the size of the Kebabs!! Hope this helps. Saumya

  4. Mine are DELICIOUS, but a bit crumbly. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks for trying :) Sounds like the fault of Oats, Did u use corse oats/rolled Oats? I Powder the oats for these kind of recipes, where it works as a binder. Or the best way is if you feel the mixture is dry (Before shaping the Kebabs), sprinkle some water. Also if you will keep the mixture for long time before making Kebabs, it will get dry as the Quinoa will soak the mositure. Hope this helps. Saumya

  5. really its seems very testy really a great article about quinoa. peoples also read quinoa meaning in hindi